Choose the best Lightweight Electric Bike at Voltaire Cycles

Do you prefer lightweight electric bikes? Well, if you do, you will have to make a few compromises on the look of the eBike. The design might not be as impressive as of the regular bikes. But, with the increasing demand of lightweight electric bikes, manufacturers are producing more of them. Here are five lightweight electric bikes currently available at Voltaire Cycles:

Faraday Porteur

This lightweight electric bike at Electric Spoke weighs only 39 lbs. This portable, smooth functioning bike is the finest bike at the store. Manufactured by Faraday Bicycles, the manufacturers have showed people that lightweight electric bikes can be well designed too! With 24 watt-hour battery, the bike can travel 20 miles on battery. With low maintenance, this bike is every biker’s favorite.

A2B Kuo+ Foldable Electric Bike

A2B Kuo+ is the lightest in the A2B range. Weighing 43 lbs, Kuo is designed with a streamlined and cleaner look. With carefully camouflaged cables and attractive seats and brakes, Kuo will accompany you anywhere you go. This portable electric bike is manufactured by A2B with its own custom made internal motor system.

Neo Volt - Easy Motion's Foldable Electric Bike

Developed by BH Bicycle Corporation of Spain, this bike weighing 49 lbs was voted the best mixed mobility bike by Extraenergy at the Taipei International Bike Show. With its unique features such as cable routing technology, high end components including Nexus 8 speed gearing system and Panasonic IBS system, this bike is a perfect buy for road and mountain rides.

Nitro Cross - Easy Motion Electric Bicycle

Another excellent electric ride by BH Bicycle Corporation of Spain, Nitro weighs 50 lbs. With 432 watt-hour battery, the electric bike can ride up to 35 miles on battery. This unique bike is designed with latest technologies while keeping the oldest roots of the bicycle industry. With NEO RDS NITRO technology embedded in the bike, this is clearly the best choice for bikers!

BH Easy Motion EVO Cross

Manufactured by BH Easy Motion, EVO operates with the latest EVO RDS technology. Weighing 50 lbs, this electric bike was launched last year to help bikers ride to mountain, tough terrains and roads easily. The removable battery feature helps in increasing the battery life of this incredible bike!

Looking to buy a perfect eBike for yourself? Voltaire Cycles – the best electric bike online store is the solution! With a wide variety of eBikes, the store offers the best electric rides!

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