Collection: Rent E-bike

Need an E-bike for a few hours or several days? Voltaire Cycles Verona is happy to provide you one  and choose the desired time to pick up. The bike will be fully charged and reserved for your convenience.

For a few hours rental - please call to the shop to reserve.

CALL US at (800) 8895-9049.

We offer E-bike rental rates at $30 per hour, $60 per 3 hours, $79 per day or $299 per week.  Please call for RESERVATION ahead of time.

Where to go:

1. Eagle rock reservation. Observe a spectacular view over the entire New York City, round trip - 7 miles

2. Rail trail West Essex trail - beautiful former railroad, nowadays is a biking and hiking trail. You can come back through Highland Avenue, Montclair. It's a quiet stret with rich houses. Round trip 9 mies.

 3. Explore the oldest city in our neighborhood - Montclair, visit a nice Brookdale park. Round trip - 10 miles.

4. Make a loop over West Essex trail, visit Montclair, have a rest in the Brookdale park and come back to the shop. Round trip - 12 miles.