Lack of motion leads to numerous diseases


  • Save your knees! Avoid unnecessary pain with e-bikes! With pedal assist and a powerful motor your e-bike will take you to your destination in no time.
  • Support and save the planet with Voltaire Cycles by e-biking. Did you know that an e-bike covers 1200 miles for $5?!
  • Family Owned & Operated



Welcome to Voltaire Cycles! Discover the story behind our success at the bike shop, formerly known as "Electric Spokes" since 2017. Where James Gilson and Denis Grishin, are proud to present to you a wide array of products and services that cater to your needs. We understand the importance of a firm community bond by establishing and operating a local family owned business. We are here to support you every step of the way.

  • 1 Year free maintenance

    Flat tires, brakes adjustment, brake pads change, full tune up (local customers only)


    Our shop is owned, operated, and stocked by a pro bike mechanic and a true e-bike enthusiast. If we won’t ride it, you won’t see it in this shop! Manufacturers rely on Denis' expertise before manufacturing their products.

  • Quality guaranteed

    All our bikes are UL / SGS certified. You can count on our e-bikes PRO expert, who has over 10 years of experience, for assistance.

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E-bikes and E-scooters

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Domenico Calabretta

There’s not many people I’d let work on my bike but once I talked to Dennis and saw his work I knew I’d be in good hands!! Thank you so much and expect lots of ebike customers coming your way!!

Response from the owner Thanks Nicko for your trust in my knowledge!

Amy Larkey-Emelianoff

Several bike shops I have tried in the past have seen me as a difficult customer. I do a quite a bit of research and some repairs on my own, and my requests tend to be atypical and very specific. I brought Denis my new Ado Air20 to diagnose and hopefully repair because the pedal assist didn't work even though the throttle and battery were fine. After literally months of back and forth with Ado, the company sent me a new torque sensor which Denis installed, enabling me to use the PAS. He also was able to reverse the folding stem to make the reach more comfortable, and even suggested I send the invoice to Ado for a refund for the labor, which I did. This is my 3rd ebike and I believe I have finally found my bike shop at Voltaire. Thank you Denis for being, knowledgeable, open minded, and not condescending toward a 69 year old lady with 69 year old wrists, shoulders and knees who still rides nearly every day!


Denis gave us a great education in the purchase of our new Ebikes! He’s extremely knowlegible! He recommended bikes for us based on our local riding requirements, height & weight. We test drove them and were sold! He assembled them for us, we added a few accessories and off we went. We purchased the Magnum brand. The bikes a very well made and sturdy.All that said, we are thrilled with our bikes and the service Denis provided!

Juli Akd

(Translated by Google) Dennis is the best Bike Mechanic I met in the USA and I went to many places to confirm it. He is very organized and knows what he is doing. I definitely recommend it 100%. Your ebike is safe with it.

Dennis es el mejor Mecanico de bicis que conocí en Usa y fui a muchos lugares para confirmarlo. Es muy organizado y sabe lo que hace. Sin dudas lo recomiendo 100%. Su ebike está segura con el.

Frequently Asked Questions


Yes, they are safe. All our bikes come with UL / SGS / LG / Samsung certified batteries, which mean you and your home are safe.

How long do I have to charge the battery?

Usually it takes 4 to 6 hours to charge the battery.

Can I charge the battery separately from the bike or do I have to charge it on the bike?

Every electric bicycle comes with a set of keys which allows to dismount the battery from the bike and charge it separatly OR you can simply plug it in to the regular outlet and charge it on the bike.

Can I charge the battery from the regular outlet or do I have to have special equipment?

You can charge the battery from a regular US outlet because all bikes come with special chargers which convert electricity for battery parameters.

Is it okay to leave the battery to charge overnight?


Are there any special racks for e-bikes? They are much heavier than the regular ones.

Yes. We advice to go with platform style car hitch racks such as Kuat or Thule.

How long does it take to ship out the bike?

It takes 2-5 business days.

How much does an e-bike weigh?

Most e-bikes weigh between 50-80 lbs depending on the model. Please see the bike's weight in the full description of a specific e-bike.