“E-Bike Gravel Grinding”

“E-Bike Gravel Grinding”

Gravel Biking has increased in popularity almost as fast as E-biking has.  The popularity of E Gravel Biking is yet to be seen. 

The question is why not?

Everything that E-biking does for the comfort E bike and E mountain bike/fat tire market translates to the E Gravel Grinder.

In Central Oregon Gravel Grinding the popular 4606 road can take you to Sisters from Bend.  The E Gravel Bike can make the destination to Sisters and back in the realm for the moderate rider opening this experience to a wider range of ability to include some of us not ready to be left out due to age and or the genetic role of the dice.  

Many of the comfort style E bikes and E MTB’s no doubt will be able to make the trek to Sisters and back on the 4606.  There is something to be said with having a bike geometry as well as tires that minimize wind resistance especially over 20mph.  Hence the E-Gravel Grinder will afford a longer and faster trek just as does the analog Gravel Grinder compared to analog cruisers and MTB’s

Another benefit for this style of E bike is they will likely be available when the other E bikes will likely be in poor supply.

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