Top Gear: 5 Bicycle Accessories You Cannot Do Without

You’ve just bought an e-bike. What do you do now? While you’re ready to test drive, keep one thing in mind; safety always comes first.

Have you taken the right steps to ensure a safe ride?

There are a few things that can ruin a ride faster than a flat tire. Bike accessories are those essential things needed for a safe yet thrilling ride. If you want to be a good rider, make sure you have these essential accessories:

A Bike Helmet

According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, every year, approximately 2 percent of motor vehicle accident deaths are bicyclists. Here, the most serious injuries are ones to the head. It has further been estimated that helmets have the ability to reduce head injury risk by a massive 85 percent.

There’s no cycling accessory that is essential than a bike helmet.

When looking for a helmet, consider the safety aspect and how it fits rather than focusing on style. It is imperative that it fit your head snugly.

Make sure that the helmet you choose contains multiple padding and has strategically placed vents that make it comfortable while wearing.

Bicycle Locks

Bicycle theft is high. The same holds true for your e-bike. You need to have a bike lock to keep it from getting stolen. Look for a decent lock that’ll keep your bike safe when out of sight.

It doesn’t get better than a Kryptonite New York Lock. With six-sided chain links made of manganese steel, these locks will keep your e-bike secure against theft attempts.


Whether you’re cycling at night or need to repair a puncture in the dark, bicycle lights are helpful. They are simple to install and with easy recharging, you need not worry about replacing your bicycle batteries frequently. Invest in some LED lights from Cycle Lights.

Rearview Mirror

Rearview mirrors are important for every ride. E-bike rearview mirrors come in different shapes and sizes and clip easily to your bicycle. Of the various rearview mirrors in the market, get Mirrycle Mountain Handlebar Mirror to get a wide field view.


A pannier can be a great company when you’re on a journey, especially if you’re out on an adventure. This bag allows you to carry all essential items - from food to clothing. This is ideal if you’re looking forward to future e-bike expeditions.

Carry your favorite foods and beverages in this pannier! High quality panniers, such as Axiom Appalachian, are water resistant and attach easily to the rear rack.

Looking for unique bicycle accessories? Enhance the security and style up your ride with bicycle accessories offered at one of the best electric bike store in New Jersey, Voltaire Cycles.

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