Free Tune Ups

What is the benefit of buying a bike from the actual shop instead of online - with a bike you are purchasing the shop's support.

free tune ups in store
To ALL OUR CUSTOMERS who will purchase a bike in store we are offering a free service - from flat fix, brake adjustment to the full tune up/diagnostics for the entire year. Non-warranty parts are extra.This service does not apply to Delfast ebike and electric scooters.
You can extend the full coverage service in the next year for $120. Applied only to the bikes purchased from our store.

Here are our regular service charge rates:

Tune-up E-bike - $120

Tune-up non - electric bike $100

E-bike diagnostics $100

Rear flat ebike - $40

Front flat - $20

Disc brake adjustment - $20

You will get all of these services and others for $120 per year!