Police Electric Bikes & Gear

Are you a department representative? Please call us for a specific information packet on our collection of Police E-Bikes and Gear at (973) 500-3082 or email us at info@electricspokesco.com. 

IF you are considering the option of adding one, two, or 10 e-bikes to your department's fleet, there are essentially two options available to you:

1. Choose a brand dedicated model such as the Bulls Sentinel E-bike which was specifically designed for the L.A.P.D. and has been widely publicized.

2. Choose a model which fits the needs of the department and outfit that model with the appropriate accessory components. 

When considering these options, consider how often the bike will be used, and who will be riding it the most. Comfort is critical for long shifts on a bicycle and if the model is too big, or too small for the dedicated officer, then comfort is going to suffer. If your budget is tight and you can only afford one e-bike at this moment, then choose a ride that will be best suited for the rider who will be on it the most. 

Any quality e-bike manufacture red by a legitimate and respected brand such as BH, Bulls, Raleigh, and Trek, are going to serve you well. The quality control standards for the big brands which we represent are exceptional. Problems or issues are easily diagnosed with a USB cable and a computer for most mid-drive systems. Repairs can be made by any certified bicycle mechanic. The electronic issues associated with mid-drive systems can be handled remotely if no-one locally can service your bike. However, the chances that you will run into issues with the electronics of a brand-name e-bike are very low.

There are 4 mid-drive brands leading the charge in e-bike power. They are: Bosch, Shimano, Yamaha, and Brose. In the next year, a few more brands will be added to this list, but expect to see the majority of e-bike power coming from these 4 brands. Each type of mid-drive system has its pros and cons to lengthy to discuss in this short introduction.

All things considered, priority #1 should be a combination of comfort and purpose. What is the likely duty-cycle of the bike on a typical day? And who will be likely to ride this bike the most? Choosing a bike - or a fleet of bikes - that fit the terrain that the bike is tasked to cover, while providing the rider enough flexibility to customize a comfortable fit is paramount. If the rider needs to also carry some heavy gear, or else, tow a trailer with specialty gear, then power-configurations, and battery amperage will become much easier to understand.

Here at The Voltaire Cycles., we take a lot of pride in the number of test rides we offer each of our customers. The more experience you have with frame geometry, tire width, seating position, power configuration, and weight distribution, the better your buying decision. demo-riding different models and then presenting the options available for that particular bike. Ideally, the goal is to fit you (or your team) on a bike that will perform well, and be a welcome sight at the beginning of every shift.

Please also check out our line-up of police lights, bags, helmets, racks, and Police Bike tagging and labeling. Please also check out our collection of scooters and Segways for other e-mobility tasks. 

Please note! We offer special discounts for municipal fleet purchases. If you are local to New Jersey, we also offer a quarterly maintenance plan for your e-bike fleet.