Rent a bicyle

Voltaire Cycles rental bikes

Need an E-bike fro a few hours or several days? Voltaire Cycles Verona is happy to provide you one.

Pease use this link to book an appointment and choose the desired time to pick up. The bike will be fully charged and reserved for your convenience.

For a few hours reservation - please call to the shop to reserve.

Use the form below to review available inventory, pricing, and special package options for extended rentals.  Try one of our models for an hour or a day, grab a trail map, and experience cycling in a whole new way.  CALL US at (800) 8895-9049 for Day-Rates! We offer eBike rental rates at $90.00 per day per 24hour period OR by the hour at $30.00.  We also offer weekly rates for as little at $350.00. Please call for more info.