Bicycling to and from work has officially become "cool" again and fueling the drive (pardon the pun) is electric propulsion technology which is completely transforming commuting options. In the last 5 years, Electric Bicycles have nearly quadrupled the power, extended realistic commuting distances, and altered riding habits of millions of people worldwide. 

Worried about working up a sweat? DON'T! If you want an easy ride, consider the many options in pedal-assisted technology that take the hard-work of bicycling out of the equation and allow you easy pedaling while you cruise into the parking lot. 

However, if you are looking for that afternoon work-out to save yourself a trip to the Gym, consider turning off the auto-pilot and turning on your legs. Options for E-bikes are now so diverse as to provide any rider with almost any riding style, the ideal option to extend their distance while providing a tailored program fit for their commute. 

And! If you think the commuting to work is all there is? Consider the folding bike options for those lunch-time breaks, or for that terrific commute between buildings on a large office complex. There is an almost unlimited number of bike frame styles, and configurations to carry you and cargo to nearly any destination - without mess and costly expense of gas, tolls, and carbon monoxide.